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Sometimes, we love to play games simply because of the visual delight it brings us.

Video slots, and the more modern design of 3D slots, have come a long way and deliver visual experiences that add to the thrill of the game. If modern video games can be art, why not appreciate the beauty of today's video and 3d slots? The visual appeal of the game definitely has a lot to do with whether you will play it or not!

Here are two of the most beautiful slots games online as of now - one represents the classic simplicity of online slot gaming roots, and the other is a reminder of how beautiful and diverse the games in this industry can be and out to be. They are both immersive in their themes and transport you into a slots heaven!

Twin Spin Slots Review

Seeing Double!
 Twin Spin is a top video slot game that is visually arresting because of the intense, hyper saturated colors that give the cartoon vibe to a day of serious gaming. The visuals are bright and can remind you of an intense arcade game. The very funky music is also reminiscent of the good old days and just ties the package of bright and flashy gaming all together. It feels like a classic slot game that passed through a portal into the future, complete with updated graphics.

Special Symbols: The swirling symbols of Twin Spin will be a familiar sight for anyone who has been to a casino. Bright and crisp higher value symbols of bells, bars, sevens, and cherries, along with lower value symbols of card values make a colorful appearance. No one will have to guess what they just won or missed out on. This is a game for those who just love the old school stylings, with the added twist of the duplicating reels. The simplicity of the game as a whole can capture or bore players, but one thing is for sure, you’re going to play it for the funky styling’s and big wins!

How to Win? The Twin Spin slots game is basically the classic game we all know and love, with the added twist of a perpetually duplicating set of adjacent reels. 243 paylines and lots of crazy yet possible combinations will rock your world. Watch the 5 reels go, and hope that the duplicate will trigger – not just the twin, but up to 5 reels can duplicate – and multiply your winnings. With a 96.6% return to player rate, there is a very high chance that within your playtime, you will be able to achieve a MEGA WIN. This Mega Win Animation will get your heart pumping and make you excited for more opportunities of hitting the jackpot. When a game is that excited for your prize, how can you not love it?

Lights Slots Review

​Let there be Lights! As soon as you open the game, you are greeted with a beautiful animation that is top quality, and you know the amazing effort and skills that Net Entertainment invested n the project to be the best. The oriental theme is reminiscent of watercolor paintings and haunting Eastern movies. This game is more about sitting back and relaxing, rather than pumping your fist into the air, and shouting at the machine for more wins! Your efforts to win big among beautiful lamp lights and the delicate natural light of the fireflies pulls you away from the usual flashiness of casinos and brings you an online paradise.

Special Symbols: Aside from the highest winning symbols being beautiful and intricate paper lamps, we also have the regular symbols represented by A's, K's, Q's, J's, 10's, and 9's. Even though it is straightforward, it is made much more interesting and refreshing to look at. Where have you seen such interesting animations and illustrations? It brings such joy and wonder to rediscover slots in a different way. The Scatter Symbols are the Yin Yang Symbol of balance. Fireflies come to flutter around the game board and deliver floating wilds that will pump up your score and winnings. At least two and at most four will transform due to the generosity of a swarm of fireflies attracted to your lights! Every single thing about the game is as helpful as it is wonderful to look at!

How to Win? 5 reels and 3 rows allow for 9 different paylines in the Lights slots casino game. You can win through the multiple Free Spins that you will repeatedly get, because the game’s focus seems to be centered on this mechanic, mainly due to the abundance of Scatter symbols you will be facing! Free Spins are a great feature that is only amplified by the great visuals and great audio. The thrill is still present within the game because of the Free Spins it offers. The Floating Wilds as a result of the swarm of fireflies also really helps you out. As mentioned before, this game won’t make you jump up and down on your seat in excitement, but it’s sure to but a contented smile on your face as the spins and wilds roll in.
<![CDATA[Online slots vs. Land Based Slots]]>Tue, 08 Sep 2015 12:18:04 GMThttp://slotspinners.weebly.com/blog/-online-slots-vs-land-based-slots​The Great Slot Debate

Once online slots hit the market, the debate as to which one is better – Land Based or Online, has always been a topic of discussion. Both sides make compelling arguments, but the truth is there isn’t one side of the argument that is more right than the other. Both forms of slots, online and land based have their advantages.

If you have ever wondered the same or wanted to know why you should or shouldn’t be playing land based or online slots then we want to describe what each type of slot has to offer. While both are similar in concept, they are very different in reality.

By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of each type of slot machine. You will learn everything there is to know about the differences between online and land based slot games.

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So let’s jump right in.

What are Online Slots?

Online slots are in their simplest form, a slot machine that is played online and may go by names such as: Video Slots, Pokies, or even Slot Machines--they are all the same thing. They use a spinning reel just like a land based slot using buttons, symbols, winners, losers; everything that a slot is known to have.

What are Land Based Slots?

Land based slots are slot machines you can physically touch and find in casinos, bars, Las Vegas airports, or anywhere they are is legal. Instead of logging into an online casino, you go to a real casino where you have to get dressed and interact with others.

How to Play Online Slots

Online slots can be played for free or using real money. Free slots can be found at most online casinos, free game sites, and Facebook.

An online slot is designed to look and play just like a land based one but Instead of using your fingers to hit the buttons like you would in a land based game, you will use your mouse or tap a screen to play.

How to Play Land Based Slots

Land based slots require the physical motion of lifting your finger and hitting a button - that’s how you play them. The real difference between the two versions of slots is that online slots are virtual and can be played from the comfort of your location,  while land based slots require the physical hitting of buttons and going to a specific location.

Advantages of Playing Land Based Slot

This is where the real debate gets started. Some feel that playing land based slots is more advantageous to the player. Others feel the opposite. There are pros and cons to each, so let’s dive into that…

Sensual Experience

There’s no denying that a land based slot leaves an impression on your senses. Seeing the lights and ambience that surrounds slots in a casino is like nothing else: the glittery, flashy lights from the screen, feeling the tension of people winning and losing, smelling the smoke filled room and sipping on a delicious beverage that goes hand in hand with your game, is an experience in itself. With online slots,  you are free to create your own atmosphere, in any location you desire.

Big Jackpots

Land casino will often have massive jackpots and giveaways in their slots section. Have you ever seen the movie Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase? At the end, the son wins four cars playing slot machines. This is not at all far from reality.

Many jackpots can be an accumulation of millions of dollars, or a sports car giveaway.

Advantages of Playing Online Slots


Every online casino will offer bonuses  and rewards to their members. These can be in the form of free spins, cash bonus, or other perks that land based slots can’t compete with. Land casinos don’t give a 100% matching bonus on a deposit like many online casinos do.

Play for Free

Most online slots can be played for free with no deposit, where in a land based casinos you can’t just walk in and play for free. In fact, most online casinos will actually give you free spins just to get you to sign up.

Game Selection

Casinos are limited in the number of machines they can hold due to space constraints. While a land casino may have a few dozens slots, online casinos will have hundreds to choose from.

Game providers such as NetEnt, NeoGames and Amaya Gaming Slots are always creating hot new video slots. The more popular ones are The Hulk, Mermaids Millions and Tomb Raider.

Play Anywhere

It used to be you needed to stay in one location to play online slots but with the evolution of technology you can play online slots on your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere that you have an Internet connection. It’s truly amazing.

Personal Preference

The truth is, online slots have more advantages than their land based counterpart however, it does come down to personal preference.

For most of us though, playing a land-based slot requires traveling and expenses while online slots require just a simple login and then you can start playing in seconds.  If you are lucky enough to experience both types of slot, go for it, as they are both unique and each have something fun and exciting to offer.

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